Ethnic Clothing Photos

China has 56 officially recognized ethnic minorities. Each of these groups has created a style of clothing that is representative of their particular culture. Their clothing is usually very colorful with details, designs, and ornamentation styles that reflect the beliefs, legends, and superstitions observed by the people. These costumes represent 11 of the 56 ethnic minority groups to show the complexities and distinct differences of the various groups. The minorities represented are Bai, Dai, Han, Hani, Korean, Maio, Manchu, Mongolian, Uyghur, Yi, and Zhuang. Each group brings their own heritage, history, influences, and traditions that make China a vast land with much diversity.

Please click on an image below to see a larger view of the still photos from the filming in Harris Theater. We would like to thank all of our models for their hard work and efforts with the filming. They have proved to be a great asset to this project and have brought a flair of individuality to this venture. Volunteer models included Confucius Institute at Mason visiting teachers and practice teachers (graduate students) from Beijing Language and Culture University as well as students and faculty from Mason.

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