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Chinese Learning Library

In response to educators’ requests, the Confucius Institute at Mason started creating a digital collection of photographs of China that teachers to use in their classroom.  Now being developed further by the George Mason University Library, this new digital library is called “Baoku,” which means “treasure trove” in Chinese.

Specifically geared toward K-12 educators and their students, this website will feature photographs and information related to Chinese history, language, culture, and art related to the Virginia Standards of Learning social studies curriculum about China. All photographs included in the Baoku digital library will be copyright-free so that educators can easily download them into instructional materials and help the curriculum come alive for students.

The first stage of the project has been completed, with photographs and information included about all artifacts in the Traveling Trunk.  Soon photographs and information about some of China’s ethnic minority groups as well as Chinese acrobatics and theater arts will also be available.

We hope that Baoku can serve as a resource for teachers and individuals from around the world to access more information about China. Don’t miss out on what’s new with baoku!

Ethnic Minority Costumes

Following a generous donation from Beijing Language and Culture University of 20 beautiful costumes representing 10 of the 56 officially recognized ethnic minorities of China, the Confucius Institute at Mason has created a one-hour educational DVD highlighting the diversity of China’s people through the visual representation of their clothing. Asian student and faculty members from Mason were featured in the film along with video clips of the breathtaking scenery from various regions, information about daily life, and live footage of the clothing and culture as still preserved today in China.

Traveling Trunk Chinese Artifact Kits

Responding to the needs of local area schools, the Confucius Institute at Mason collaborated with social studies administrators in local public schools to create supplemental teaching resources about China. The Confucius Institute at Mason created 12 Chinese artifact kits which each included 23 artifacts that represented key inventions of ancient China, ranging from abacus, porcelain and silk to replica bronze vessels, kites and bamboo books. Each kit included a Teacher’s Resource Guide, Classroom Activity Handout Guide, posters, music CDs and laminated photo cards to provide elementary school students and teachers with authentic learning resources about China. The kits, donated to Fairfax, Arlington, Prince William and Washington D.C. public schools, were enthusiastically received by classrooms and are booked throughout the school years by local area elementary schools.

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