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 The Confucius Institute at Mason is a partnership between George Mason University, Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) and Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU).  The Institute offers educational programs about Chinese language and culture to schools, community organizations, interested individuals, and businesses.


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Is your school is interested in setting up a Confucius Classroom? 

The Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) has funds available to support Chinese language and cultural education programs in K12 schools. Interested schools in Virginia and Washington D.C. should refer to the Guidelines for Applying for Confucius Classroom and contact the Confucius Institute at Mason for more information.  


Tthe Confucius Institute at Mason offers:

Chinese language and culture classes
Teaching a Chinese language and culture classTeachers from Beijing Language and Culture University teach short-term, non-credit Chinese language courses for beginning level students at the George Mason University Fairfax campus. Classes are open to the public and one-on-one tutoring is also available for advanced level students or people wishing to have more individualized instruction. Classes are also periodically offered on Chinese cultural subjects such as Tai Chi and Chinese calligraphy. We can also contract with local businesses, organizations, and tour groups to create customized language and/or cultural courses.

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Chinese language and culture materials
Chinese language and culture materialsThe Confucius Institute at Mason maintains a small library of books in English and Chinese about Chinese language and culture. The collection includes instructional, cultural, historical, and reference print materials as well as a multi-media collection DVDs and CDs in Chinese (with English subtitles) on Chinese culture, history, and travel. The Reading Room is open to the public during office hours or upon appointment at the institute's office at the George Mason University's Fairfax Campus.

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Cultural activities
Cultural activitiesThe Confucius Institute at Mason organizes and sponsors a variety of events on campus and in the community highlighting Chinese culture, artists, and performers. Activities have included performances by artists and musical from China, lectures by renown scholars on Chinese philosophy history and Chinese calligraphy, and photographic and art exhibitions from China.

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HSK, HSKK and YCT testing
HSKThe HSK (hanyu xueping kaoshi) and HSKK (hanyu xueping kouyu kaoshi) tests are international, standardized Chinese language proficiency tests for non-native speakers of Chinese which are sponsored by Hanban and administered by Confucius Institutes around the world. The HSK test is offered at six levels and HSKK is offered at three levels - so tests are suitable for all levels of students, from beginners to advanced. The Confucius Institute at Mason offers the HSK/HSKK tests once in the spring and once in the fall each year, usually in March and November. The YCT (Youth Chinese Test) is also available through Hanban and can be scheduled with advance notice through the Confucius Institute at Mason.

Click here for more information on the HSK and YCT tests at Mason.

Outreach to schools
Outreach to schoolsThe Confucius Institute at Mason works with school administrators and educators to design educational programs and resources for K-12 classrooms that will increase students' interest in learning about China and Chinese language. The Confucius Institute at Mason also cooperates with local school systems to present a Chinese cultural programs where students can learn about Chinese language, culture, arts and inventions and participate in related hands-on activities. These programs can be tailored to meet the specific needs of elementary or secondary students upon request.

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Scholarship opportunities
Confucius Institute ScholarshipStudents benefit greatly from living in an environment where they can practice speaking Chinese every day and language study scholarships in China provide the perfect opportunity to enhance those skills. Students can apply through the Confucius Institute at Mason to study Chinese language and culture in an academic institution in China under a Confucius Institute Scholarship or a Chinese Government Scholarship. Applications are reviewed and awarded each year in late spring so that students may apply directly to the schools of their choice in China.

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Teacher training
Teacher TrainingEach year, the Confucius Institute at Mason offers different teacher training programs for Chinese language teachers from both K-12 private and public schools, institutions of higher education, and Chinese heritage schools. In addition, we provide in-service training for general education teachers in K-12 private and public schools related to Chinese history, language, and culture upon request. Teacher training programs can be designed specifically to meet the needs of particular schools or to supplement the curriculum requirements of the Virginia SOLs (Standards of Learning).

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